Chief Transformation Officer (CXO) Workshop Singapore


☑ Manage employee push-back. 

☑ Handle org structure limitations.

☑ Overcome lack of strategic clarity.

☑ Deal with limited budget.

☑ Overcome lack of expertise. 

Venue: Suntec Singapore

Date: 25-26 March 2019

Time: 830am - 530pm

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Digital Transformation is not just about upgrading your technology or automating some processes.

You need to establish new business models and integrate new ways of working accordingly into existing businesses and organizations.

Leaders need a strategic and transformational capability first to lead a DX - so as to provide direction and purpose to your technical management, rather than relying on technological developments and capabilities alone.

Attend this course to discover powerful lean change approaches to transform your organization towards your digital target blueprint.


This course provides a powerful digital strategy framework, with tools. Underpinning enablers such as innovation, cloud technology and lean/agile business processes. 


Create powerful shift in governance, mindsets, models, products, transform departments to teams, devise inside-out to outside-in strategy, shift from measuring  executions to measuring outcomes and more.


Encourage, embrace and educate people from across the enterprise and build collaborative culture of new capabilities and mindsets to truly integrate Business Strategy and IT Strategy. 


Respond strategically to the opportunities and threats you are presented with - both inside the organization, and externally in the market.


Devise new business models, new product models, new service models, new value propositions - with new clients and new ways of working. 

​​​​DX Framework

Gain a comprehensible Digital Transformation Framework - valuable tools that you can feel confident to use in current or future digital initiatives. 

DX Roadmap

Devise a roadmap to evaluate projects, new business models or new products and services that is evidence based, innovation fueled and leverages on unique talents of the business. 


Measure both the tangible and intangible value of digital business transformation, and how to report it to executives.


Discover how to bring together leadership, marketing, and IT to deliver transformation - to what extend must it be a shared responsibility. 


This course is suitable for the business and technology professional, leader, director, executive, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO, COO and CEO from any industry.

For Leaders 

Create the sense of urgency and momentum around digital transformation - being aware of the challenge, knowing where the company stands today, where it needs to be, and how to get started. 

For Innovators

Create processes to turn ideas into marketable products and services with TinkTank's innovation framework: strategy, culture, organization and process, and technology. The first two provide the spark, and the latter two the processes for commercialization.

For Change Agents

Discover latest insights, best practices and use cases on how businesses shift their investments from older technologies and strategies to new and innovative business models - help your business define benefits and opportunities. 


This course cover the major change blocks of digital transformation.


You will learn powerful lean change approaches to transform towards your digital target blueprint.

How To Devise A Data Driven Business Strategy

How to update strategic thinking for your business and truly integrate Business Strategy and IT Strategy; How to avoid pitfalls when drawing conclusions from data; and how to create a strategy for building a data science team and capability to improve decision making across the organization - and more. 

How To Build Innovative Products & Services That Customers Love

Understand the potential of disruptive innovation and open innovation; How to create new opportunities for product innovation; How to align product plans with your organization strategy; Design a strategy for deciding which projects to pursue; Integrate your customers into the innovation process; Bring new products to market faster and more efficiently - and more. 

How To Ideate New Platform Business Models 

Evaluate and design the platform business models considering key building blocks; Define a go-to-market strategy solving the chicken-and-egg problem and building a strong network effect; Exploring all the key aspects of platform design such as match making, pricing, user experience, a strong growth path leverage network effects to quickly gain advantage over your competitor - and more. 

How to Lead Organizations In Disruptive Times

Understand the key challenges senior leaders face; How to help teams to make critical decisions; Improve ability to manage large formal, change management process; Examining power and influence dynamics; How to shape organizational culture - and more.  


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Date: 25-26 March 2019

2-Days: Monday & Tuesday

Time: 830am-530pm

Venue: Suntec Singapore

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Ticket for 1 pax.


  • Registration for 1 pax.

  • Morning refreshments, two tea breaks and lunch per training day.

  • Workshop handouts, Framework, Roadmap, and Tools.  

  • Membership to post course support group on Slack. (lifetime access)

  • Account access to download tools, frameworks and resources. 


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