"TinkTank Learning"
re-skills and up-skills the workforce of the future to match the agility of innovation. 

Business professional.

Become a well-rounded professional with courses that will help you navigate a successful career and become more productive. 

Software development.

Take your skills to the next level with courses on the most popular programming languages, developer tools, software practices and application development platforms. 

IT architecture.

Build your toolkit with the skills with niche technologies like cloud computing, containerization and virtualization to transform infrastructure for business efficiency. 

Data architecture.

Learn in-demand skills from experts with real-world experience in data analytics, engineering and science. 

Cyber security.

Empower your entire organization to safeguard against rising security threats.

Digital marketing.

Learn how to make a marketing plan and use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market your business. Discover best practices for Search Engine Optimization to drive sales leads and increase customer engagement.  

Coding boot camp.

#TinkTank offers a number of full-time, immersive programs in a range of in-demand skill-sets, including coding, web design, UX design, product management, digital marketing, front-end development and full-stack web development. In addition to the curriculum, students have access to a career coach, networking services and resume writing services.

In-house solutions.

Tailored in-house / in-company training courses are designed and delivered on-site throughout Asia-Pacific according to your specific requirements. 

Your organisation will benefit by:

  • More real-world application examples.
  • Faster employee onboarding.
  • Recruit for new technologies. 
  • More efficient internal education. 
  • Consistent results. 
  • Acquire talent faster. 
  • Curation of educational content. 
  • Lower employee turnover. 
  • Create a learning culture. 
  • Pre/post event consulting options.


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